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The 2024 Tunbridge Wells Literary Festival was intense from our perspective. But also a lot of fun and very inspiring. Celebrities, dates and events needed to be shuffled, re-scheduled and edited right up to the wire. Proud to say we rose to the task and the event was a great success. Past work for the council included a range of interesting projects during 2022 and 2023. Design work included a children’s Christmas Advent event held at the Amelia and Assembly Hall Theatres in Tunbridge Wells last Christmas. A second event, targeted at a wider audience focussed on a wild and wacky gauntlet of challenges, inspired by popular TV  game shows like Jungle Run and The Crystal Maze. This event was a blend of traditional 'Escape Room' elements, along with exciting audio-visual and special effects embellishments. Other work has included logo designs for the Amelia teams in House production company - 'Hidden Springs'. We created a range of branding assets, delivered in a range of formats. JPGs, posters/flyers and high- resolution PDFs, both print-ready and ready for digital use across a range of online portals. Design work for new and exciting community events is ongoing in 2024.


The brief for the first project was to design supporting assets for a range of events taking place over the May 2024 bank holiday weekend. The organisers needed to deliver engaging literature and advertising with a schedule that was constantly being revised.


Switching into high gear and burning the midnight oil we created a range of logos, headers, posters and social media assets that perfectly framed and publicised the event.


Thank you so much for all of your support over Lit Fest, with our never-ending series of corrections, tweaks, redesigns and amendments, you were always helpful, willing to be flexible, produced great work that clearly conveyed the brand, and were a pleasure to work with.

Ben Isted

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