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Do More in Kent –
How to achieve more on a mobile

Do more in Kent – How to make a website work harder

Small business websites are often neglected and underperforming. Learn how to test, assess and then revitalise a website. Take things to the next level by adding functionality that can help save hundreds of business hours.

Become a web minimalist

Why have a site that can be e-commerce enabled in the future if you never intend selling online? Why have a complex CMS (content management system) if no one in the business really needs to use one? Any code on a website that does nothing potentially adds to bloat, usually slows everything down, creates a potential point of failure and can become a security concern. The answer - have the code needed to get the job done, but no more.

Leverage the power of connectivity

Back in the day most small business websites sat on a server and then linked to everything else on the web that was of interest to it's visitors. The development and opening of numerous APIs (application programming interfaces) throughout the world has empowered even the smallest of sites to accomplish some pretty heavy weight tasks.

One site, many hats

Most business websites start life as a digital brochure and don't really go much further. They can often be so much more though. A secure document repository, a quotation generator, a video learning resource or a client survey and feedback engine. The advantages of hosting any of these on a site rather than paying a third party monthly can also be numerous. Custom styling aligned to the brand at no extra cost, increased security and the ability to develop or modify the functionality as required.

Topics within this hub will include CMS reviews and comparisons, simple web apps, creating secure client areas, nurturing a healthy relationship with a web developer and more.