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Brand, Digital & Marketing Services

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With so many online options to choose from, formulating a digital strategy can often be confusing. Improving the range and quality of the online services you offer to customers is important. But in a marketplace disrupted by an avalanche of new, AI (artificial intelligence) powered services it's also increasingly complex.

A digital agency focussed on targeted Integration

We try to make things easier for clients by figuring out together what they do, and quite often don't need to achieve their aims. We discuss and prioritise their requirements to establish exactly how our efforts can enhance our client's marketing goals. Our aim is always to provide the greatest benefit we can within the available budget.

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Integration –
Brand, Digital & Marketing, working together

Brand, Digital & Marketing, working together to grow your business

Why over complicate things. Brand (who you are) working with Digital (the internet) and Marketing (targeting your audience) to achieve your Strategic Goals (what you want). That's our Mission Statement (what we do).

It's easy to become too focussed on one of these three necessities at the expense of the other two. But digital success depends on all of them working seamlessly together to produce a cohesive result.

The digital desert island

For example a website with no consideration given to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has often been compared to an unknown island in the ocean. It doesn't matter how nice it is or what it can offer because no one knows it exists.

A sheep in wolf's clothing

But obsessing over SEO without enough effort paid to creating quality content can lead to a scenario that isn't much better. The site gets lot of visitors yes but no enquiries follow on. People land on a page but can't find answers to their questions. They get tired of scanning the screen for meaningful content only to find the same old keywords, and not much more.

Without a logical path forwards or a way to help them to meet their search intent the visitor leaves the website without looking further. (referred to as "Bounce Rate").

Just another template?

In the final scenario we have a website with great content (tick) that is also well optimised for search engines (tick), but lacks visual strength and thoughtful design. The layout fails to bring it all together as a unified experience and the visitor is left confused and unconvinced.

A bit like a film set rather than a proper building, the offering or service just doesn't seem credible and no basis is established for growing trust or encouraging the visitor to learn more. They head back to the search results page and the opportunity to make a new contact is once again lost.

Keep it balanced, keep it local

if you want to get found in Canterbury, make sure your site is actually useful to your target audience in Canterbury. From our experience, a planned and methodical approach to digital growth that advocates best practices, wins every time. Be realistic, be authentic, put in the work and play the long game.