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Learn how to breathe life into a business brand and gradually elevate it above the competition.

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Look Great in Kent

How to stand out from the crowd

Look Great in Kent – How to stand out from the crowd

Branding and design articles for small business professionals

In today's saturated online markets, it's difficult to carve out your own unique identity. Difficult, but by no means impossible. Running with the pack is safe. It's also dull and predictable. We look at ways to help make your brand something different. Something special.

Why be like all the rest?

The days of generic and cookie-cutter web templates are thankfully passing. In a world where so much is becoming commoditised it's good to take pride in crafting a bespoke solution that really captures the unique essence of a business. And within the wide range of AI based tools and services becoming available, it's never been easier to create something that showcases the heart and soul of a business and singles it out from the herd.

Emotionally connected growth

As customers become familiar with a brand, they start to develop a sense of trust and loyalty. And that means a lot. Truly effective branding goes beyond aesthetics however. It’s really about creating an experience for your customers. Every touchpoint needs to consistently reflect and repeat the personality and values of your brand if loyalty and trust are to grow.

The devil is in the (design) detail

Building a brand requires a nitpicking attitude. Larger brands give their followers less and less visually over time but increase their attention to detail until it can all be summed up in one small shape.

Think Apple, Nike or Coca Cola and try to learn from their mastery of the branding process.

Topics within this hub will include an overview of affordable solutions covering logos, website design, UX (user experience), image consistency, video, infographics, brand rules and more.