Growth Tactics for SMEs in Kent

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Growth Tactics and Tips for Small Business Professionals in Canterbury and across Kent.

Strategy - Articles for small business growth

Growing a small business over the coming decade is going to require a new type of awareness.
An understanding of intention led activity coupled with the ability to present credible solutions at exactly the right place and time.

Is your business learning how to succeed and grow in an increasingly AI influenced marketplace?

Articles on Branding, Design & Identity

Making an impression. How does a small business create the right impression? What's important right from the start and what can be left and developed at a later stage? From the first encounter with its logo, through to reviews and brand advocacy, every business tells it's story and is judged accordingly.

This group of articles provides information on designing and developing a strong identity for a small business.

Articles about Digital & Web Development

This section is about doing more online. Optimising the performance and security of a small business website is important. As the code ages and browsers constantly evolve, many websites become fragmented, faulty and left behind. They often underperform and can eventually become vulnerable to attack and failure.

The articles in this group provide ongoing advice and suggestions to help keep small business websites up to date and performing to their full potential. It includes information on quickly creating new functionality and CMS Apps that can help speed up business processes and improve systems.

Articles covering SEO & Marketing

Search performance and online marketing is undergoing radical changes following the introduction of large language models such as Open AI's 'ChatGPT' and Google's 'Gemini' (previously 'Bard') to the open market last year.

The impact that AI will have over the next decade is still largely unknown but will obviously be significant. A huge increase in cloud applications has already begun to utilise the power of AI and search engines themselves are transitioning to the generative processing of search queries. The result will be more refined and personalised results. Helping to match search intent with search results in a way that was previously unattainable.

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