Pricing – Cost vs ROI

An approximate guide to our SEO charges

It's difficult! How long is a piece of string after all? So many variables from our perspective.

None the less most businesses have an annual marketing budget and need an approximation of service charges and deliverables related to their needs when considering a creative partner. We tailor our plans to meet each client's specific requirements and offer the 3 scenarios below as a rough guide only, to form a basis for further discussion.

New site builds with secure hosting from £2000 (ex VAT). Please contact us to discuss site builds, migrations, hosting and custom integrations. There are simply too many variables to accurately price list.

Contract free, flexible monthly optimisation. Stop, start and vary hours on a monthly basis as required.

Role - Advisory

Monthly audit with full performance reporting (Google GA4 and GSC) plus content, UX and SEO recommendations.
+ VAT per month

Role - Assistant

Advisory role features plus additional technical, structural and optimised content updates as agreed hours.
+ VAT per month

Role - Partner

Advisory and Assistant role features plus market sector analysis, research and custom development as agreed hours.
+ VAT per month

If your business is a Canterbury based SME that needs help with it's website and online visibility I'd like to offer some free assistance.

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