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A high performing business website is much more than just code on a web server. It's a complex combination of elements that must fit together perfectly if it is going to help your business grow.

A well planned web design process with an agile development strategy takes all of these factors into account. Web design must be holistic, aligned with the brand and naturally optimised to achieve lasting success. It's look and feel has a dramatic impact on the impression that visitors form about your business. It's design and UX (user experience) drives their perception of the value (and price) of your services.

Canterbury first

In an increasingly crowded online marketplace it's also wise to start by casting your net locally. You want as much exposure as possible naturally, but designing specific local pages for a small business website, based upon the needs of the local business community is a wise strategy. In our case it's Town first - Canterbury, County second - Kent and everywhere else third.

So how do you make a small business website perform at a higher level?

High performance web design – 3 Goals

A business website needs to score a hat trick before it can really perform.


Look Great - Design and User Experience

If visitors find it slow or confusing they will quickly leave. A logical and well designed layout with consideration given to the users experience is paramount.

Look Great Online

Fast Loading: Each new page served quickly and cleanly.

On Brand - Conveys your brand ethos and values.

Intuitive: Easy to use and navigate without much thought.

Fully Responsive: Functions and displays correctly on all device sizes.


Do More - Engage and then influence visitors

Go the extra mile and take your visitors on a journey that gives them exactly what they need. Make them feel understood. Make them feel at home.

Do More Online

Trustworthy: Don't hide in the shadows, say a quick hello to your visitors with a 30 second video.

Engagement : Steer visitors through your site pages with intuitive navigation and aligned messaging.

Credibility: Demonstrate how your business solves their type of problem. Speak to them in their language.

Motivation: Compel visitors to take action and actually do something. Give them a reason to return.


Get Found - Improved online and search visibility

Optimise technically until it's perfect and then deliver exactly the right messages. Keep content up to date and relevant to your visitors needs. Understand and then match their intent.

Get Found Online

High Ranking - Easily found in searches using Google and Bing.

Optimised for Local Visibility - Brings visitors from Canterbury and Kent based searches in Google Maps and Local Business Networks.

Analysis & Reporting - It's performance is easy to measure and improve upon.

AI Invested - Uses AI to automate and improve performance and localisation wherever possible.

How old is your website?

Any older than 36 months means you really should update it as soon as possible. Web design standards are continually moving forwards with the gap between new and old becoming ever wider.

HTML5 semantic elements, along with the latest CSS frameworks allow new sites in 2024 to function at a far higher level than their predecessors from only a few years ago.

Greater support for audio and video elements, responsive images and the ability to make items draggable have given web designers far greater power and flexibility when building or updating client sites.

Design and UX improvements

A good example is light/dark theme switching for improved user experience depending on the lighting conditions or time of day. Try toggling the switch at the top of this page to get a feel. Most people now have a preference for a dark screen in low light conditions for reduced glare.

There is a growing expectation for this type of user control within apps and websites. Apps have risen to the challenge but websites on the whole are lagging behind.

These developments provide web designers with the scope to re-imagine and interpret client briefs in exciting new ways. Using the combined power of HTML5, CSS and JS. Audio and visual page elements can now give an old web page a new life and vitality.

Web Design – More User Options

Another advancement is the ability to illustrate and demonstrate new features or products to prospects. Using comparative sliders for example encourages engagement through interactivity (drag the green bar left and right). It provides a compact but powerful way to showcase a "before and after" scenario.

Dark Mode Light Mode

Client Testimonials

We have used hdcreate.uk for over a decade now and we can't recommend them highly enough! They provide a very personal service to create exactly what you're looking for. 10/10 from all of us at Tubemonkeys Group

HD Create were instructed to provide our company website with a general review and subsequent makeover. From the moment they became involved, the entire process and appearance became a million percent more user friendly and professional.

Please thank everyone on your team. The site is futuristic and has a high tech feel that perfectly reflects our position as recruiters working within the IT sector.

As AI evolves it will change everything about web design and finding new clients online.
Learn more in our growth article "Web Design with AI in 2024".

AI Assisted Web Design

User Experience – Anticipating need and providing assurance

Your website is the digital front door to your Canterbury business, with just a precious few seconds to make the right impression upon a browsing visitor, before they wander off to the next one.

Visitors should intuitively move around your website's pages without the risk of ambiguity or confusion affecting their actions. Choices should logically lead to the desired outcome, with the visitor's expectations being confirmed and validated at each stage of their journey.

The session should end with the visitor satisfied they achieved their aim successfully.

Whether the intention is informational, commercially led, transactional or purely navigational, careful thought must be given to encouraging rather than pushing your visitors towards the next stage of the desired interaction.

Remember the power of veto always lies with the visitor. Quitting the browser is always just one click, tap or swipe away.

Great web design, less is often more

Current practices and styles within web design constantly evolve as users expectations change to reflect current fashions and technology updates.

The pages and design of a business website need to provide a smooth, seamless and modern experience for first time visitors and returning clients alike.

If a webpage can helpfully meet a visitors needs whilst providing a subtle and immersive brand experience, the chances of a conversion or at least a return visit will be greatly increased.

Predictive web design - Pages that adapt

Emerging changes in predictive marketing will begin to have have a profound impact on web design as a whole and the functionality of individual website pages in particular over the coming months and years.

These changes will empower businesses that have prepared. Allowing them to take advantage of the opportunities presented by individual website visitors as they arrive.

A Canterbury based small business such as a conveyancing solicitor for example will be able to tailor the content, tone and call to action of each webpage.

As the site learns that the visitor's intent is probably driven by a local property enquiry the page alters its messaging to improve engagement based upon the predicted intent, increasing the chances of a conversion.

The better the design, the less visible but more effective this process will become.

Rebuilding a website - Rank preservation

Would you lose your rankings if we rebuilt your website? No, you wouldn't. We would preserve and then further improve your ranking. We never change things that are already working well. Web designers often tell clients to expect a drop in search traffic after launching a rebuild. But that needn't be the case.

A good example is this site - hdcreate.uk. It had performed well and held the number one spot for over 20 of our target searches in Google (Mobile engine) for over 3 years.

None the less we wanted to update the user experience, simplify it's structure and introduce light/dark display switching (the button at the top).

We rebuilt it from scratch in March 2024 and relaunched it on 20th April. The chart below shows our Google Search Performance from January 1st to May 6th 2024.

Impressions remained generally unchanged following relaunch on April 20th (the red line), whilst the click through rate (people clicking on a search result) increased significantly.

hdcreate.uk google search statistics

Our search-driven site redesign included the following:

Careful preservation of key phrase relevance within our top organic pages

A documented strategy for URL restructuring and redirects

A solid technical SEO foundation that reduced script dependencies whilst showcasing newer HTML5 and CSS features. We are happy to share further data and validation with interested prospects.

Content development and page optimisation is ongoing in Spring 2024.

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