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SEO in Kent – Canterbury based Professional Services Marketing

We are a compact, full service agency focussed on small business visibility & growth

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Adapting to the SGE powered SEO landscape of 2024

We have been helping clients to grow their brands and increase online visibility for over 30 years. We continue to take an integrated and holistic approach to improving the look, function and search ranking of clients within Google, Bing and other portals of interest associated with their market sector.

We use a balanced combination of AI led design, development, SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing to fulfil the brief and deliver the objective(s) our client requested.

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SEO in Kent – Finding one in 64,000+ businesses

SEO in Kent is becoming more complex. In terms of South East England, Kent is a relatively large and densely populated area with an active and growing business population.

Standing between London and Europe, the county acts as a natural magnet for business communications, travel and commerce. AI powered searches within Kent will make visibility, relevance and topical authority more important when returning answers to business search questions over the coming years.

Keywords still matter of course, but stuffing a page full of unnatural and repetitive sentences to rank for a collection of phrases is surely a trick that AI will see through in the near future?
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We will be working hard to help SMEs in Canterbury and across Kent adapt and grow within the new AI powered SEO landscape that we are all entering in 2024.

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