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HD Create Canterbury Kent

30 years of creativity and service

30 years of creativity and service

Our creative business launched back in Spring 1992 and has been slowly evolving ever since. We started small, got bigger and later decided we preferred small. The advantages have proved to be many fold. Agility, cost effectiveness through low overheads, flexibility and most importantly the ability to stay close to our clients and their needs over the years.

Our core team of 3 have a collective 75 years of experience between them with the backing of a trusted network of employees, associates and service partners.

Jayne Holman

Jayne Holman HD Create
Design, UX and Creative Direction
– "Look Great"
  • Design Direction
  • Branding & Identity
  • Logo & Typographic Design
  • Digital & UX Design
  • Sales Decks & Presentations
  • Signage & Retail Design

Tomasz Strojny

Tomasz Strojny HD Create
Servers, Coding and Web Development
– "Do More"
  • Server Control & Security
  • PHP Laravel Frameworks
  • October CMS Management
  • Front End Code & Deployment
  • Backend & GUI Development
  • App Development

Michael Holman

Michael Holman HD Create
SEO, Marketing and Client Services
– "Get Found"
  • Project Management
  • Front End Optimisation
  • SEO Audit and LSEO Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation & Editing
  • Client Liaison & Management