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Powerful new AI led workflows are emerging within SEO and Marketing. They will create a predictive advantage for businesses that learn how to use them. Is your business one of them?

Branding, development, SEO and marketing services. For small business professionals in Canterbury and across Kent.

We help clients target and then reach out to new customers, achieve more online and grow their brands.

The best of your brand...

The best of your brand

Fast and clean on a mobile. Innovative and memorable on a desktop. Optimised monthly for search. Developed to help your business achieve more. Securely hosted and maintained. In a word, loved.

Solicitors offices glass with branding
Solicitors offices glass with branding
Branding and Identity in Kent examples of branded stationery

Branding & Identity

Creating a powerful small business brand on a budget isn't easy, but it is doable.
We discuss the ways a small business can save money and get a better result.

Branding Growth Article
Lyfeguard app development
Life management App design and development
Life management App design and development

App Design & Development

A life management app launched in January 2023. Built with bank level security the app and marketing site were a major project for our teams during 2022.

App Design
Digital and web hosting services in Canterbury
Content management and reporting for web hosting services in Canterbury
Content management and reporting for web hosting services in Canterbury

Digital & Development

Clean and intuitive CMS (content management) dashboards. Custom Web Apps that make content creation quick and easy. Fast, secure servers. Supported, contract free monthly hosting.

Digital & Development
Search optimised landing page app in CMS displaying on laptop computer
Search optimised landing page app in CMS displaying on laptop computer

Optimised Landing Pages – in Minutes!

"Digital Marketing in Canterbury"– A 2020 lockdown experiment. It took 5 minutes to create and deploy. After six weeks it ranked number 1 in Google for its targeted keywords and stayed there for over a year.

About Landing Pages
SEO and Marketing Free Reporting and Analysis CMS App for hosted clients
SEO and Marketing Free Reporting and Analysis CMS App for hosted clients

SEO & Marketing - Reporting & Analysis

Set achievable marketing goals. Measure and track the key metrics that are important to your business with dedicated reporting and analysis. Customisable CMS reporting is available for all hosted clients.

SEO & Marketing
Digital Hosting
Comparing AI Content Generators in 2023 to a Co Pilot in a cockpit
Comparing AI Content Generators in 2023 to a Co Pilot in a cockpit

AI Content Generators - First Thoughts

A test flight with the Jasper AI was fascinating. It's great for brainstorming and helping to create content. But be sure to polish and refine the output before hitting publish.

AI Content Generation

Look great...

A man staring into a mirror - a metaphor for looking great

Look great –
A consistent and memorable identity

A consistent and memorable identity

A business website's home page must catch the attention of a new visitor and immediately make a connection. It must introduce the business as a credible and potential solution to the search query (if any) that the visitor made. The logo and branding must be strong, concise and convey professionalism. The brand messaging must 'click' with the target audience before a relationship can be established and progressed. This is particularly important within the financial, legal and consultancy service sectors where establishing trust is paramount.

EEAT - Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust

Being a compact, but full service agency based in Canterbury, we are able to offer a comprehensive but uniquely bespoke service to local clients at an affordable price. We mainly work for professional services firms within the legal, finance and consultancy sectors. Credibility and Google's new EEAT benchmark are foundational to brand values within these industries. Demonstrating these values will be crucial to marketing success in 2024 and beyond.

Growth and integrity

We have improved the visual identity and marketing strategies of many businesses over the years. From start ups through to long established practices and from individuals through to large consultancies. We've even worked on projects with a couple of major public service organisations including the London Fire Brigade.

Do more...

One person launching another into the air - a metaphor for doing more

Do more –
Easy CMS updates & built in Web Apps

Easy CMS updates & built in Web Apps

A business website should load quickly, securely and incorporate a modern CMS (Content Management System). It should be simple to use, allowing a logged in user to carry out business tasks quickly and easily. Creating a quotation, updating an FAQ, publishing a blog post or simply checking on site visitors. Enabling users to do more and save time.

Web Design and Development

All new website builds and onboards incorporate our PHP application framework CMS as standard, allowing us to integrate a wide range of tools from an early stage.

Fast page updates, custom Web Apps, analytics reporting and customised databases can be configured and deployed as required with full support and training. We take a pragmatic approach to solving clients problems and prefer a minimal, less is more approach when developing websites.

Digital Solutions – Safe, fast, simple

Having the flexibility to create and then develop custom solutions allows us to concentrate on helping clients get what they need and when they need it. Scaleable and cost effective development helps start ups and SMEs to improve their customer services and streamline their marketing systems as they grow. Without breaking the bank.

Get found...

SEO and SEM for the Legal Sector

Get found –
Target and connect with more prospects

Rank higher, then target and reach out to selected prospects

A business website must be easily found via multiple channels and touch points to survive on today's crammed web. To rank within a search engine's results pages or gain popularity within a targeted social media group a website needs to be well structured, secure and reasonably fast loading. Naturally written content that is genuinely helpful and has been thoughtfully optimised for the audience is a prerequisite for AI led search algorithms. From a visitors perspective the messaging needs to be instantly engaging. Page content and user experience must satisfy search intent, giving the visitor reasons to investigate the website further and to hopefully return.

Holistic Search Intent

The days of promising to make a business number one on Google for every search are coming to an end. There are too many variables and AI is becoming too smart. Keywords, although still important will soon be much less dominant when trying to rank online in the future. Search intent will lead AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven search engines to consider brands as a whole when suggesting solutions.

The development of search from returning a page with a static list, to delivering an interactive portal of related information is already underway. AI now determines how and why to recommend one brand above another when deciding how meaningful it's services might be to the portal user. This needs to be considered wherever a business leaves its digital footprint.

Organically led growth

Authenticity, credibility and reputation are quickly becoming the dominant factors in ranking for keywords and search related phrases, as scams and cyber crime make trust one of the most important ingredients in the marketing mix.

We encourage clients to be honest, realistic and hard working when planning their marketing objectives and goals related to SEO. Having a solid and organically grown online base creates stability and builds a plaftform for future growth. More focussed and directed multi-channel marketing campaigns can then be planned and executed.

What do you need?

What do you need?
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We have been providing digital solutions to Small business professionals in London, Tunbridge Wells and West Kent since 2008. We moved to beautiful Broadstairs at the end of 2016 and are currently introducing a range of creative and marketing services to businesses in Canterbury and across East Kent.
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