UX – User Experience Design

UX – User Experience Design concept

User experience and small business brands

User experience and brand become ever more aligned as we move through 2024 and the disruption of AI through generative search.

As the year progresses, Google and Bing will give more weight to brands that are seen to demonstrate EEAT (Expertise, Experience, Authority & Trust) at each level of the user's journey.

Consistent messaging and brand tone along with a helpful and customer focussed process will help to separate the authentic and high value services from the spammy, low value variety.

We work closely with clients to try and gradually improve user experience overall and particularly with relation to local, Kent based solutions.

UX – User Experience Design design

UX Consistency – From online and website through to print, signage & livery

User experience isn't just about your website. It affects every contact point that a user has with your brand online. A UX strategy helps ensure conformity. Conformity grows familiarity and familiarity increases trust. A positive upwards spiral.

We create logos and branding components in scaleable, vector based formats for use over wide range of applications. From a key fob to a tower crane, we have produced imagery for signage, vehicle livery and shop displays.

UX – User Experience Design development

Bespoke and Memorable

Tube Monkeys aren't like the other scaffold suppliers in Kent the South East. As good on price and service - of course. But also more helpful, more informative, more personable and well, more fun.

We have been helping the business to develop it's online presence for over a decade as it transitioned from scaffololding contractor to scaffold supplier.

Learn more about how we are helping Kent's fastest growing scaffold supplier provide clients with a better and more bespoke user experience.

Tube Monkeys Branding

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