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Canterbury - Logo and location synergy

if your brand is small and focussed on building a reputation locally, why not try hardwiring that message into the logo itself? Canterbury for example has an instant association with history. Its iconic cathedral readily lends motifs and suggestions to the development of image ideas within logo forms.

Typefaces and fonts can easily do the same in the case of type based logos when considering Canterbury as location. The result could be a logo that instantly identifies your business as a Canterbury based brand, giving you a competitive edge locally.

Many locations across Kent lend themselves to this form of local logo conceptualisation.

Logo & Identity Design design

Fronting the brand

Your logo is always out front and exposed. It's often the very first impression your business makes upon a prospect. It needs to sum up the ideology, ethos and personality of your brand instantly. That's a big ask for one small image. Commoditised, online logo design in 2024 seeks to make branding a quick, off the shelf process.

The growing range of browser based logo generators will quickly render 100's of credible options. They are useful in the early stages of the branding process.But relying on their outputs with no context or further development is naive.

Logo & Identity Design development

Logos – Design considerations

The logo is a key component in the formulation of a brand. It's creation and development needs to be considered, relatable to the brand as a whole and well planned if it is to succeed.

It must work in every scenario that requires its display. From a small digital icon to a five metre hoarding, the logo must happily scale and adapt to its surrounding.

Logo as brand ambassador

Like the bow of a ship It has the ability to break the ice at meetings and push the brand solidly in front of the target audience. Or in the case of a weak logo, expose the brand as a flimsy vessel, struggling to convince the prospect of it's owner's credibility.

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Logo design for a Tunbridge Wells solicitor

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