Seasonal Branding - Riding the wave

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Dec 18 2023
Seasonal Branding - Riding the wave

Seasonal events such as Christmas can be a good friend to a small business brand

By mid December everyone is feeling the festive vibe and preparing for the approaching holiday. Work carries on as usual but with a sprig of holly on the side. Mince pies become standard practice on a tea break. Clothing normally considered beyond the ridiculous becomes almost obligatory. We all drink Baileys for a fortnight and then forget it exists for the next 50 weeks.

From Santa's hat on top, to a bauble hanging beneath, most logos will benefit from some seasonal spice. It makes people smile and shows them you are in a similar mood.

The groundswell of seasonal cheer started by retailers in November builds to a wave. By getting on board in early December a small business brand can benefit in many ways.

Increased awareness - Living in the now

Seasonality shouts that your brand is alive and kicking. You're current and aware of the date. An instant jump on the competition who change nothing as each season comes and goes.

Enhanced customer engagement

Seasonal branding connects you with your audience on a more personal level. Current messaging resonates with the readers emotions and aspirations during specific seasons. It creates a feeling of shared experience.


Special promotions and limited-time offers can all incentivise customers beyond the norm. Having made the seasonal connection you can introduce a seasonal event. Increased turnover or lead generation are the usual result.

Seasonal Planning

Create a calendar of campaigns related to the seasons. Schedule resources to ensure your branding efforts align with the seasonal mood. Capture the attention of your target audience at exactly the right time.

The sense of a shared experience adds a human warmth to online interactions. Get it right and your messages will hit home more often as we move through the seasons each year.

Happy Holidays to all!

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