Regular & relevant updates = Regular & relevant growth

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Oct 10 2023
Regular & relevant updates = Regular & relevant growth

Getting a business website into the top 18% globally is easy

According to Forbes 82% of all websites are inactive. – "Top Website Statistics For 2023".

So only 18% of websites are actively maintained and updated. I find that statistic shocking. How much money was invested in building and launching these 92.6 million websites, just to leave them unserviced and unloved? It's crazy.

It's also a massive opportunity.

We know that Google loves fresh content. And 82% of website owners it seems can't be bothered to provide any.

So to get your website into the top 18% globally you simply update your homepage? It would appear so.

A regular voice – Shout to the top

But why stop there? How hard to get into the top 10%, 5% or even 1% for a small business?

Well the search bots that crawl the world's websites are attracted to change. The more you update your site with fresh, relevant information, the more frequently they will return to investigate and update your listing.

Add a blog or maybe a journal and then start publishing some insightful thoughts on your area of expertise. This will definitely move you into a group that Google and Bing bots find very interesting.

Aim for routine and persistence in your publishing habits. Marry these with helpfulness and increasing relevance. Your output will gradually attract a following. It might only be search bots at the start but that's no bad thing.

SME – Become a local, topical authority

In time you may eventually become regarded as an SME (subject matter expert). These websites are often within the top 5% globally.

Add a local specialisation and you then stand a good chance of being in the top 1% within localised searches.

The associated growth and ROI could be massive.

And all because you were one of the 18% that bothered to start bringing things up to date.

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