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Digital Marketing in Canterbury

The challenges of digital marketing for professional services firms in Canterbury and East Kent.

Published - 27 Nov 2020

Developing a digital marketing strategy for a firm that sells professional services is complex. The product is often intangible and highly customised to meet each client's needs, making it difficult to package up, label and then describe as you would a product or commoditised service. Brand messaging as a result is often better focussed on those delivering the service rather than the service itself.

Digital Marketing in Canterbury

Developing a digital strategy

We all know that digital and mobile channels are vital in today’s business environment for acquiring and retaining customers. But from our experience most small to medium professional services firms in and around Canterbury don't have an integrated marketing plan which enables them to engage and then grow their audiences effectively.

Have an achievable and SMART directive

It’s easy to waffle and lose your way in the digital world but a clear strategic goal that is both realistic and measurable will help keep things on track. Keep it very local to begin with and learn from the results. Choose your ideal prospect within Canterbury and then create a simple, cost effective campaign aimed directly at them. Define the goal/s and then set about making it happen, always working within the boundaries of SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Timebound.

Be worth finding - Quality over quantity

Defining a clear customer journey lies at the heart of a successful strategy. Create quality content that is relevant for Canterbury based readers, useful and easy to share. Show potential answers to common problems as soon they begin reading and engagement will become much easier to achieve a bit further down the line. Write clearly, with solution oriented and simple to understand examples delivered in the vernacular of the intended reader.

Deliver contextual relevance

Target the right audience. Build a profile of your perfect client listing their expected behaviours, habits, preferences and expectations and then tailor your messaging and delivery channel/s to meet their intent. Create a value proposition that will be understood and delivered as an integrated campaign through the channels that are popular with your known target persona within the Canterbury area.

Stay agile, avoid duplication

The digital marketing landscape of 2022 will evolve and change at an incredible pace. Aided by artificial intelligence the leading brands will continue to innovate, trying new ideas and trialing new approaches in order to learn from and then anticipate their target market and it's future needs.

Advocacy - The hallmark of success

A happy client who has recently engaged with your service is a gift to be cherished, cultivated and utilised. Waste no time in asking for reviews, feedback and suggestions, rewarding them with a little something extra to say thank you. These service advocates can form the basis of a network of brand aficionados that can do wonders for improving trust and loyalty amongst your local client base.

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