Local Voice Search with AI

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Apr 11 2024
Local Voice Search with AI

AI in the browser - AI in the operating system

You’re on the move. Driving or maybe walking. Either way you need to visually scan the scene ahead constantly. Speaking to a search engine in these situations makes a lot more sense than trying to type your request.

It’s safer, quicker and in 2024 it could finally start bringing the results you need.

The AI assisted Web Browsers of Spring 2024 still have a long way to go. But conversational AI within search is improving rapidly. And AI Integration with browsers and soon with operating systems will ramp up the process massively as 2024 progresses.

Hands free, vision free and information rich

Talk of Apple's upcoming IOS18 release incorporating ChatGPT is exciting. Making Siri seriously smart has massive potential in local business search. Research them, evaluate them, find them, contact them and then meet them. All led by a conversation with your iPhone.

Google's Gemini Nano integration will enable Android users to assess results in much the same way. It will also advise on the likelihood of the result being a potential scam - nice :)

Talking Loud and Clear - Ways to get your messages heard

Podcast popularity continues to grow. So why not make one for your business? They're a fantastic way of getting your message across, hands (and eyeballs) free. At the moment you'll need to click/tap a link to start one running but I suspect that within months Siri or Gemini will be able to start it for you. A real help if you are driving or aren't able to open the link yourself.

In the case of video you will soon be able to have AI recommend, transcribe and then read you a summary of the most relevant messages the video contained.

Is your business website ready to take advantage of this upcoming search opportunity?

Spin the tables around. What would a seriously smart search AI make of your site? Is it ready and capable of delivering the right answers under AI scrutiny from ChatGPT and Gemini?

Optimising websites for AI Voice Search

Three peices of advice to get heard in search.

1. Audit and update your site ASAP – Does your website currently answer the sort of questions your target persona might ask it? Is it engaging, helpful and using a tone of voice your audience can relate to? Is it conversational and talking their language? Does it resonate with them?

First get a technical and then a content audit completed on your important site pages. There are tons of free tools available to help. Fix what's wrong. Find out and add what's missing. You'll probably want your web developer to fix any technical issues the audit uncovers. But new content is something that should be easy enough to add via your CMS (content management system) dashboard.

2. Answer questions to meet intent – A good way to add conversational content to each page is with a couple of Q&As at the bottom of each one. Think of the typical question your clients might ask related to the page content. Write it down and then answer it it the way you would if they were in front of you. Then add the complete Q&A to your page.

Repeat the process to gradually build a silo of relevant, conversational questions and answers. Google and Bing will be looking for these answers as a visitor asks the question. You now have them waiting as the search bots arrive.

Do nothing to prepare for voice search and you'll slowly fade into the digital mist along with the millions of others that didn't bother keeping up to date.

3. Keep things relevant – As 2024 progresses this gulf will only widen. Sites keeping visitors abreast of product and industry changes will have their content extracted and served by AIs keen to meet the search intent. The rest will be ignored.

Integrate blogs, calendars, instant video meetings and custom landing pages. Remember to check that your site has a self generating xml sitemap so that Google and Bing can quickly find and index your newest content. Any resources that make finding answers about your business easier are worth considering. Optimise them for your chosen targets. Publicise them on the channels and networks that you know they visit.

Talking to your phone rather than another person may soon be the norm when it comes to research and information. There are the obvious guardrails needed for safety and security. But overall I hope that more vocal search interactions online will be of benefit to everyone.

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