Kent Search Visibility – 5 quick wins for your business website

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Jun 03 2024
Kent Search Visibility – 5 quick wins for your business website

1. The MUST Do - Update your home page

The easiest and quickest win of all. What's new this season? What is your business up to in 2024. Any changes or improvements to services that benefit your customers? Then share them on your home page. Naturally include the keywords that you already rank for and create some links to your most important pages.

The Google and Bing bots that spider your site are looking for change when they come. Show them your site is one of the few that bothers to review and update it's content and they will give you an almost instant lift in the search results.

2. Mobile - Make sure your phone display is acceptable

Google still controls over 83% of searches and uses it's mobile (not desktop) index to rank and display its results. The mobile versions of your web pages need to look good and work smoothly if the site is going to climb Google's ranks.

Mobile browsers are much faster and sophisticated in 2024. If your site is over 3 years old there's a good chance it's mobile display may be in need of an update.

3. Video - Add a quick message from you and your team

A 30 second selfie video can be enough to let people see, hear and start a relationship with your brand. It doesn't have to be a Hollywood production. It just has to be quick honest and friendly. Say hello, say what you do and why you're good at it. Invite them to explore your website and then say goodbye.

Post the video as a native .mp4 file (your web developer can optimise and upload it for you). Create a YouTube Channel (if you don't have one) and upload the same video on there. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet so make sure the title includes your top keywords. It's powerful and will also benefit your rank in Google (they own YouTube). And so long as you can tolerate a few ads, it's all free.

4. Local Visibility - Check your business NAP is the same everywhere

NAP - Name, Address and Phone Number. Ensure they are consistent and identical in any and all locations that feature your details. The bots that find it will get confused if there are spelling errors or the display order changes.

Review your contact page, Google and Bing places, directories, listings, feature articles and anywhere else that displays your business contact details. Make sure it looks exactly the same in every location.

Create a master version in a text file and then copy and paste the blocks to ensure uniformity is maintained with each and every entry you make.

5. User Experience - Give every page a relevant CTA

If you want website visitors to take action on your site, urge them to do so by using a call to action (CTA). CTAs prompt potential customers to interact with a specific element on a web page.

Web pages without a distinct instruction risk leaving an interested visitor uncertain about what they should do next. Surveys regularly show that pages with a strong CTA can convert over 40% more visitors than those with a vague or confusing message.

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